What is bristle block for auto cutter ?

6月 12, 2020

In this blog post, you’ll read:Bristle block, also called bristle brush, is the most imprtant spare parts for auto cutting machine.

Bristle blocks, normally be described as children toys.But in Garment Industry, bristle blocks are important spare parts for auto cutting machine.

The function of bristle block

The bristle can support the textile on the auto cutter, for which the blade can cut textile well.

When blade cuts the textile, it will insert into the space between the pins, for which the blade will be protected well. Imaging if there is no bristle block, just putting the textile on table, and then cutting the textile with the straight blade, the blade will be easily broken. Yes, use round blade is a good choice.But many layers for textile will be very thick, sometimes it wil be even 20cm.The best choice is useing straight knife. The the best choice for the basement of textile will be bristle blocks. We should say it is a genius design.

The structure of bristle block

On the topside of bristle block, there are thousands of pins.

The pins are used to be put under the bristles.

On the backside of bristle of block, there are thousands holes and feet.

The feet are to be assembled on aluminium bars.Then the aluminum bars can be put on auto cutting machine, to make a big and flat surface.

Then what are the holes be used for?

Actually the blades are not cutting the textiles directly. On the top of the textile,there is plastic film.They covered the textiles well,and there are air blowers under the bristles and aluminium bars, the air transfer from the bristle holes ,can suck the textile and pastic film well.When the blade cutting the textile, they will not move with the blades together. Meanwhile, the small cutting rubbish of textile can also be sucked from the holes .That is why YILOW designed bigger holes for more rubbish can be cleaned out. It should be noted that, once there are more and more rubbish stocked in bristle pins, when the blade is inserted into pins, the pins can not move easily for which the blade will cut the pins. After sometime, maybe several month or several years, most pins will be cut down ,and then the bristles should be replaced.

The size and QTY of bristle block on each auto cutter

Normally there are 22pcs on one aluminium bar,and around 50 pcs alumiunium bars on one machine. But based on different bristle block size, the bristle QTY of rach machine are different.

The most popular bristle size is 101*101*42mmh. Gerber cutter, Eatman cutter, Bullmer cutter, Morgan cutter, Ima cutter adopt such size. But Lecta verctor series cutter uses 192*95*42mmh size bristles, for which the QTY of each cutter is much less. Takatori use 100*50*45mmh bristle, and then the QTY is more than 2000pcs on each machine. FK cutter uses 5*5cm size bristle block,that ‘s why there is more than 4000pcs bristles per machine. These 4 kinds size are the main choices for all of the auto cutting machines.

With so many bristle blocks, the surface of auto cutting machine is flat , just like a floor be decorated with carpet. Then we can put textile on the bristles .Finally, the paper and plastic form can be put on the top.With all of these spare parts, the auto cutting machine can start cutting work.

Jessie Xiao

Jessie Xiao

8 years experience in Auto Cutting Machine Industry.
Familiar with supply chains of auto cutters .

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